3-C Technology takes an "ears-on" approach to our services. That means discovery of your needs takes priority over moving the "flavor-of-the-month" tech-toys. We listen and then match technology to your profile and strategy. You get the best of today's robust technologies while maximizing ROI.


We resell hundreds of business technology products.


We follow through with delivery and installation expertise.


We provide your IT team with best practice maintenance procedures.


Our follow up means we have your back after the sale. You are more than a number.

3-C Technology is an innovator in business solutions and Information Technology deployment.

Audley Logan Founder-CEO, 3-C Technology

About Us

3-C Technology walks clients through the latest product lines, conducts price research to compare rates, and then provides a price analysis that aids in decision making.

Our Vision

3-C Technology offers targeted consultation and tech expertise to fill the gap between the clients and the vendors with its single point of contact service.

Our History

3-C Technology is a Texas based, minority owned enterprise located in Dallas.     Decades of best-in-class service across busines and government sectors     .

Our Values

Innovation in business solutions and Information Technology are secondary to integrity and honesty. We never forget the people behind the business.

Are you ready to MAXIMIZE ROI?

We service businesses large and small, government, and education

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Contact Us

We are available by email or by phone. Our office is located outside of Dallas in the city of Lancaster, TX.

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