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What We Do

The mission of 3-C Technology is to capitalize on the multi-billion dollar computer reseller industry market opportunity that exists especially in the State of Texas by forging profitable strategic alliances with technology vendors who allow us to offer the best prices to our target clients. CLICK HERE TO VIEW OUR CERTIFICATIONS.

Employees and/or contractors of 3-C Technology are skilled technology professionals who have a demonstrated record of operating with integrity.† The headquarter office staff will remain intentionally lean with President Audley Logan negotiating all contracts, setting the strategic vision for the company, actively participating in all aspects of revenue generation and management. Operations Director Cardell Wade will handle all internal operations matters including, staffing, accounting, and customer service.

Benefits of 3-C Technology

Vendors like to work with their designated distributors. They prefer not to provide one-on-one service to end users. Thatís what prevents clients from bypassing 3-C Technology and getting a lower price without our assistance. 3-C Technology has favorite distributor status amongst its vendors.

As a single point of contact, 3-C Technology eliminates the inevitable customer relations hassles that occur when a vendor deals directly with clients.

3-C Technology walks clients through the latest product lines, conducts price research to compare its specialized dealer rates, and then provides a price analysis to clients that aid in their decision making.

Vendors do not provide this consulting element. Instead they rely on the relationships with their authorized distributors to do that. 3-C Technology fills the gap between the clients and the vendors with its comprehensive services and tech expertise.

Few Words About Us

3-C Technology Solutions for IT

3-C Technology is part of a national $12.6 billion industry where per company sales can exceed $1.0 million and the figure is higher for Texas companies that average $1.4 million each. Total statewide industry revenues exceed $983.4 million. Founder Audley Logan can attest to the validity of these figures since he has been known as a stellar performer recognized for creating a new division for his former employer and into a $60 million unit in 60 months.

He is applying the same relationship building skills he gained over the past 27 years to making 3-C Technology as the source for all computer hardware, software, and networking equipment needs to its target clients.

Mr. Loganís previous success with independent school districts, colleges, universities, corporations, and quasi-governmental entities is helping him to grow 3-C Technology into a premium branded computer reseller.These clients spend up to $56,000 annually for its computer technology needs. They use companies like 3-C Technology for technology consulting and to purchase products.

Computer vendors like Dell, HP, and Microsoft rely on technology resellers to work directly with client accounts. They see 3-C Technology and their counterparts as a resource. It allows them to produce the product and receive payment while the reseller handles the client questions, needs assessments, and sometimes set-up. The company expects 46.1% of its first year revenues to be K12 schools, 23.4% colleges/universities, 24.1% quasi-governmentals, and 6.4% Fortune 500 type corporations.

Management Profile

Bio of Founder / President Ė Mr. Audley Logan, Sr.†

Audley Logan is using his proprietary experience gained while growing his former employer ACS into a $60.0 million company within the first five years of operations. 3-C Technology is becoming known as a recognized reseller of technology products by harnessing the relationships that Mr. Logan has cultivated in Texas since 1984. Mr. Loganís list of accomplishments include being the premiere (#1) sales person of MS Windows and Compaq servers in year 2000 throughout the entire United States market.

At the time of that acknowledgement, he was the Sales and Branch Manager at Analytical Computer Services (ACS 1998 to 2008). He grew ACS to $5.5 million and five employees in the first year of business. Collective sales grew to over $60.0 million in first five years of operations. Prior to ACS, he was the Corporate Account Manager at All-Star Systems (1993 to 1998) where he developed and implemented sales strategies for Fortune 1,000 companies. He ensured profitability and controlled expenses during his tenure at Viacom Computer Center. As its General Manager (1991 to 1992) he maintained the highest profit margin dollars amongst the Gulf States area. He grew existing accounts and developed new ones as Accounts Manager at GE Capital (1989 to 1991) and was Sales/Operations Manager at Business Land (1987 to 1989). He began his career as Corporate / General Manager at Computer Craft (1984 to 1987). He produced over $5.0 million in annual sales and was recognized for providing outstanding customer service for the corporate computer reseller.


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